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Mobile filmmaking

Our Ideology

Mobile filmmaking is a special, modern kind of creativity that opens up unique possibilities:


To interfere with the surrounding reality delicately and extremely imperceptibly


Why should you participate?

  • the Festival is part of the Mobile Filmmaker project, launched in early 2013 and covering mobile film production, professional training and more;

  • the Festival jury is composed of the most advanced and modern creative people from all over the world and from various fields like cinema, TV, journalism, advertising, etc.

  • ​the Festival awards the best authors, not their works, which makes it a sort of ‘mobile Oscars’;



There are many ways of using a smartphone as a video tool, but we have tried to combine them into three main categories:

Future film.JPG

Best Mobile Filmmaker

Future film

fiction / web-series

We have joined in this nomination all types of mobile content, where the visual component and the drama are of particular importance. In these works, the authors’ main aim should be to show and tell a bright, deep and frank story in a film that has cinematic qualities in both storytelling and aesthetics.


Best Mobile Filmmaker


nonfiction / mojo

In this nomination, authors have to convey to the audience relevant, interesting and unexpected information, demonstrating their position and own point of view on the subject.

If you are a freelance journalist or current news and affairs documentarian, this is for you. If you are a blogger or if you are experimenting, your qualify too.

Music video.jpg

Best Mobile Filmmaker

Music video

music video clips

In this category we are waiting for the music videos with focus to cinematography, creativity and attention to camera angles, composition, light as well as movement of the camera and, of course, an outstanding song/ track. Rewarding the producer or director of the video.



# Shot on smartphone

# Duration 1 - 60 min

# Any genre

# Submit till - 03/10/20


Past winners


Festival Jury

Susy Botello


founder of international Mobile FilmFestival (San Diego, USA), 

founder of Mobile film video streaming community

Ivo Neefjes


film director, the winner of Mobile Filmmaker’s International Fest 2020

Boris Gouts


director, screenwriter, author of two full-length mobile films - Faggoto (2018) and We Look Good in Death (2019)





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