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Our Ideology

Mobile filmmaking is a wide concept that unites creators of feature and documentary films, web-series authors, journalists, and bloggers.

Mobile filmmaking is a space that ideologically connects such cult producers as Steven Soderbergh, Michel Gondry, Zack Snyder, Pak Chan Yuk and Jafar Panahi with thousands of other less well-known authors from all over the world.

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Why our fest?

Mobile film is unique in the way it’s accessible to everyone. You can always find a smartphone in your pocket, and there are no restrictions on resources or budget.
Perhaps the main feature of mobile film is the true author’s view and the unlimited possibilities for creative realisation.

In most cases, a mobile film creator has to combine the roles of screenwriter, director, cameraman, film editor, and even actor.
To emphasize this in the framework of the festival, we don’t distinguish films, videos or blogs, but the authorship, and we award the Mobile Filmmaker of the Year prize in each nomination.

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What should you submit?

Mobile film, in our opinion, is not just about replacing a large industrial cinema standard camera with a small mobile phone one. The main purpose of existence of mobile film and other types of mobile content is the ability to research a new modern visual language, new stories, personalities, events, which are simply impossible to capture with large cameras.

Therefore, we will highly value works that fit into and develop this very approach to mobile film.

About Us: Welcome
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